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Monica B. -5/5 Stars - 12/21/2013 (

"Very cute place. I like small coffee shops and tend to stay away from chains. You can ask them for a little advice in picking your drink and they are more than happy to help.  I sat for about an hour and a half and worked on my laptop on a side project. Was able to get a lot done and lion out into the street when my eyes needed a break."

J.P. AB. -5/5 Stars - 10/24/2013 (

"I have no idea how I missed this place since setting foot in Glendale. Probably it's because I'm not much of a coffee drinker, except when it comes to Armenian (aka "Turkish") coffee. I discovered Urartu after searching around for a shop with some good Armenian coffee. Hey, I was in the mood...

Looking around at the decor, I'm assuming that this is an Assyrian/Armenian coffee joint. Two dollars buys you a cup of nice, sludgy, and grainy Armenian coffee. Just how it's supposed to be. The owner is nice enough to even offer you sugar in your cup.

I was a bit surprised at how semi-quiet the atmosphere was. I felt a little uneasy carrying a soft conversation. It's a nice change-up from other noisier coffee shops. There appears to be a somewhat decent selection of Armenian pastries...I'll have to try some next time and report back. Ninety minute free parking in the nearby structure although I prefer walking it."

Kirstie B. -5/5 Stars - 12/23/2013 (

"The owner is the nicest guy around. Good food and good coffee! definitely coming back next time i'm in the area! The caramel machiatto was amazing."

Eilzabet P. -5/5 Stars - 09/26/2013 (

Simply put, if you're in Glendale, and looking for a good cup of coffee, then come to Urartu. 

"My favorite is just an iced coffee with a little bit of hazelnut creamer... again, it's simple. and delicious. The service is great; the owner and servers are friendly and helpful. I asked for an iced coffee, with just a little bit of ice (to get more bang for the buck) and they made no issues about it. The woman at the counter also gave me the creamer bottle to add as much of it as I wanted... AND, the first time I came here, the owner brought blueberries to the table for free, just because.

No gimmicks, nothing flashy. Just simple, DELICIOUS, and affordable drinks (and sandwiches) served with a friendly face. A refreshing break from the sometimes unlikeable world."

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Urartu Coffee

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